Episode Directory

This is meant to just be a quick tool to search for people and themes, you can use your browser’s find button or scan through and look for keywords to help you choose or find and episode. Every episode contains a response to the statement ‘Christianity in the UK is not dying but sleeping’, and some sort of discussion about tea. The audio editing improves on the way through the list.

Cup 1  Revd Dr Lee Rayfield       Science Faith Church of England Pteradactyls

Cup 2  Robin Ince    Science Faith Brian Cox Church of England Broadcasting

Cup 3  Pete Mountstephen  Education Church of England Anglo Catholic Faith

Cup 4   Justin Brierley    Science Faith Atheism Broadcasting Multiverse theory

Cup 5  Nathalie Marshall  Multi generational Faith   Workplace equality    Japan

Cup 6  Neil Marshall      Family Expectations    Faith    Education

Cup 7  Claire Nelson      Family  Church structure, membership and belief

Cup 8   Bob Hartman     Spring Harvest   Story   Faith   Trowbridge

Cup 9   Dr and Mrs Hajela   Medical Practice   Hinduism   Christianity

Cup 10 Juliette Bevis  Urban and Rural Spirituality    Children’s Spirituality

Cup 11 Ben Prater   BBC Radio Broadcasting      Urban and Rural Church

Cup 12 Elizabeth Harper  Theological Education   Old Testament Exile    Noah

Cup 13 Linda Culling     Education (x3) New Secondary School Swindon

Cup 14 Louise Jackson   Anderson family history and faith, Janet’s childhood

Cup 15 Bishop Stephen Cottrell   Church growth   Essex   services   oysters

Cup 16 Phil Daniels   Church   Theology   Devon   Pastoral Care

Cup 17 Wiz Salter   Theological Education      being prepared for death    G&T

Cup 18 Sam Griffiths    Tools    Church Structure   Outreach   Wellington Baptist

Cup 19 Nick Moir    Church of England   Cambridge   Evangelicalism

Cup 20 Richard Clutterbuck   Theology  UK    Methodism    Doctrine

Cup 21 Stephen Turner     Evangelicalism   Cycling    Cambridge

Cup 22 Vicky Walker    Church Welcome    Families    Messy Church

Cup 23 Jeremy Vine    Church buildings     Individual Faith     Doubt

Cup 24 James Counter   Climbing    Chemistry    Christian Union

Cup 25 Abby Guinness    Generational issues    Women in Leadership    Families

Cup 26 Caroline Sturtridge   London Marathon   Lego    Geekdom

Cup 27 Kathy in Sussex    Girlguiding     Child rearing    Women’s employment

Cup 28 Douglas Holt    Theology    Disestablishment   Church buildings   Travel

Cup 29 Hannah King     Food Banks    Church      Raising Christian Teenagers

Cup 30 Brian and Vanessa Harrison   Communication with young families

Cup 31 Lana Northey      Girlguiding  Issues facing girls today  Future Church

Cup 32 Nick Daymond    Education     School  Assemblies      Sundays

Cup 33 Peter Ruffles    Education   Church of England   Roses

Cup 34 Claire Dalpra    Fresh Expressions    Inherited Church   Creativity

Cup 35 Sarah George   Cycling    Death Rituals   Archaeology  Biblical narrative

Cup 36 Gareth Thompson   Christians Against Poverty    Job Club

Cup 37  Simon King    Church and family      Youth Work     1970s camper vans

Cup 38  Beth Burras  Church Army    Xplore    Evangelism course

Cup 39 Louis  Counter    Croydon     CYFA  How the church represents itself…

Cup 40 Croydon Airport   Janet’s Dad   Croydon Airport   Family dynamics

Cup 41 Jerry Gilpin  Exiting ministry   Good work practice

Cup 42  Vanessa Cole    Life    Church    Being a vicar

Cup 43 Lord John Selborne Environment   Cathedrals     House of Lords

Cup 44 Lord Bryan Davies    Rationalism    Methodism   Social mobility

Cup 45 David Miller      Physics    Multiverses    Time     Glasgow

Cup 46  Mary Sanders    Wiltshire    Broadcasting      Churches supporting families

Cup 47 Catharine Hughes  Special needs children    Africa     ‘Telling the story’

Cup 48 Lindsey Büster    Archaeology    Death   Religion

Cup 49 Shady’s Mummy     Psychology     Religious delusion

Cup 50 Shady’s Granny       Rehabilitation       Probation         Domestic Violence

Cup 51 Tom Scott      2021 Census    Trampolines    Technology

Cup 52 Charlotte Scott    Christian Aid       Church Welcome   Traveling

Cup 53 Adam Beaumont     Young People    Church Future    Making a Difference

Cup 54 Steph                        School          Contemporary Education           Faith Schools

Cup 55 Michael Weeks         Small Children    Family life     Street Pastors

Cup 56 Sheona Beaumont    Visual Arts     Theology   PhDs

Cup 57 Steve Chalke              Theology   Church     Inclusivity

Cup 58 Crispin Northey         UK Poverty       Debt     Christian Responsibility

Cup 59 Rosie Arnott                 Youth Groups    Medicine    Christian caring vocation

Cup 60 Huw Williams              Football    Social Responsibility    Advertising

Cup 61 Emma Ineson                Church    Theological training    tea

Cup 62 Lynne Godfrey             Ordination    Church of England     Pastoral Ministry

Cup 63 Ian Price                        Talking and listening    Samaritans   Young Carers

Cup 64 Tim Seabrook              Church language    Parenthood    Scouting

Cup 65 Clare Fussell               Generosity    Earl Grey Tea     Turtles

Cup 66 Ben Mizen                    Play theory     Youth Work       The Smiths

Cup 67 Chris Townsend        Young People    Learning Disabilities  Grief

Cup 68 Chris Priddy               Church    Parish Structure    Church of England

Cup 69 Julie Bradley             Training  Ordination   Church of England

Cup 70 Ben Evans                 Communication      Church   Podcasting

Cup 71 David Hoyle             Anxious Church       Ministry     Passion

Cup 72 Dan Jones                 Youth Work    Church of England    Chocolate pizza

Cup 73 Alice Ponder           Art   London    Rural Living

Cup 74  Derek Chedzey      Rural and Urban Churches  Ordination

Cup 75  Chris Dobson         Church  Africa  Ecumenism

Cup 76 Nigel Stevens          PR of Christianity     Taekwondo    Teenagers

Cup 77 Sarah Wing             Church     Getting married   Access to banking

Cup 78 Kathryn Fleming    Old times  Pirate Teddies  Coventry Cathedral

Cup 79 Steve Drew              Church   Food Bank    Universal Credit

Cup 80 Alison Nelson          Church   Teenagers   Housing

Cup 81 Thomas Seabrook    Student life   Friends   Christian Families

Cup 82 Sarah Evans              Church of England   Ordination  Cathedral Life

Cup 83  Mary Hughes           Husbands at sea    OM Ships   Debt advice

Cup 84 David Morrell       Wednesday Congregation  vs Sunday Congregation

Cup 85 Becky Meilton         Youthwork     Challenges for Young People

Cup 86 Rod Key                     Closing  churches    Rural and Urban Church

Cup 87 Chris Hughes           Being at sea      Driving the ship     OM Ships

Cup 88 Bethan Townsend   Acting   Christian Hope   A dying parent

Cup 89 Vivienne Fuller        Living Abroad    Wednesday Church   Deaneries

Cup 90  Martin Brunt and Mike Lester    Church leaders   Football   Buildings

Cup 91  Ruth Hopkinson    Politics   Volunteering    Community Engagement

Cup 92 Candy Gower         Books     Materialism    Bereavement

Cup 93 Keith Masdin         Sunday School   Hope and Homes for children

Cup 94 Christina Alder     Makaton and PEX    Corsham    New Wine

Cup 95 Ian Anderson       Family      Christianity    Monogamy

Cup 96 Cathy Reynolds    Mothers’ Union    Church    Faith

Cup 97 Jonathan Bewley   Funerals and the Church

Cup 98  Sheila Nowell        Wednesday afternoon church    Living Abroad

Cup 99 Amanda Brown    Church  Pressures on girls    Podcasting

Cup 100 Phill Harrison    Church    Mess   Ordination