What is the project?

April 3rd 2018 – July 3rd 2018 I will be producing podcasts which discuss the question “Is Christianity in the UK dying or sleeping?”.

I’ll be doing this by having conversations with people over a cup of tea, making the recording editing it and posting here.

I have extensive tea drinking experience, and I am very skilled at chatting. As vicar of thee parishes in Wiltshire I have completed two previous “100 cups of tea” challenges as fundraisers for building works (including toilets) in two of the church buildings in my group.

About once every six weeks I go to BBC Radio Wiltshire and review the papers in the morning show, but producing edited audio is a whole new challenge for me.

The theological question was sparked for me when I read an article by Tim Stanley in the Telegraph entitled ‘British Christianity isn’t dying. It’s sleeping Evangelism can awaken it’. My own experience as a country vicar led me to think about whether I agreed or disagreed with this statement, I couldn’t decide so sparked the idea for the podcast quest…

The local paper reporter took this


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