Cup 14 with Louise Anderson Jackson

Who is Louise Anderson Jackson?

Louise is a botanist, an experienced editor, and manager who worked for the Royal Horticultural Society for many years and became RHS lead for the BBC Gardener’s World Live show at the NEC.

Louise is my cousin and is just a bit more than three months younger than me.

Currently Louise is busy looking after her family, a massive rebuilding project and working at a local pre-school. She is reading up on all sort of educational things and knows a lot about Autism, Aspergers’, Dyspraxia and the issues around them.

This is what we look like now.


We found a lovely Camelia to grow out from Louise’s head…

Louise fed me tea and fruit whilst we were recording (note mug with Tyne Bridge on it).



This is what we looked like in the 1980s

1980s Janet and Louise

and this is what we looked like in the 1970s. I do look as if I was modelling for ‘The Scream’.  There were many things my parents were not good at (it being the 1970s): obviously getting children to look appropriately happy for photographs was one of them.

1970s janet and louise

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