Cup 40 at Croydon Airport


Why Croydon Airport?

Yes we rather missed the last flight. Louis Counter and Janet go to Croydon Airport which was the place Janet’s Father wanted to be remembered.

Louis interviews Janet about her Dad, brings tea in a flask, and gluten free chocolate biscuits.

Find out about aviation, modernism and Janet’s family by listening to the podcast.


Janet stayed in the airport hotel overnight. She could see the old control tower which is now the visitor’s centre from her bedroom.


The field is huge and still quite windy, although now it has trees to act as a windbreak.


Croydon was the main London airport in the inter war period and Amy Johnson left for Australia from Croydon in May 1930 with just a few spectators, when she returned there were thousands of people waiting to see her at Croydon.

According to Janet’s Dad, Janet’s Mum had used to go to Croydon Airport with her father occasionally in the 1930s to watch the aircraft.

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