Cup 52 with Charlotte Scott

Who is Charlotte Scott?

Charlotte’s twitter profile says this.

Spend my time baking, listening to podcasts, seeking social justice and watching too much TV!

She is indeed an excellent baker, and a very good radio listener. She introduced our family to Cabin Pressure and John Finnemore, which is possible a reasonable exchange for an addiction to tea?

Her work for social justice has included quite a bit of time working for Christian Aid, and she has travelled quite a lot with them.

She has a degree and an MA in Theology, her MA dissertation was about apocalyptic Christian sects, so when she passed I took her to ‘The Worlds End’ pub in Taunton to celebrate.

She is godmother to one of our children and used to be a member of a youth group we ran called FEAST, but that was many years ago when ‘teenage dirtbag’ was in the hit parade…

Photos from the 2013 ‘Big Road Trip’…

Charlotte near Big Sur

Char at big sur cropped

This is Charlotte and I looking at the Harry Potter marks on the pavement in Los Angeles…I thought it was hot crowded and confusing, Charlotte looks on top of it.


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