Cup 57 with Steve Chalke



Who is Steve Chalke?

Steve’s Twitter profile says this about him

‘Founder & Leader Oasis Global. Founder Stop The Traffik. Minister Church. Canon of Southwark Cathedral. Former UN Advisor on Human Trafficking.’

You can read about him on his Wikipedia page. I first heard Steve speak many, many years ago at Spring Harvest. He has written about a billion books (amazon return 91 for a search but not all of them are by Steve? Some he wrote with other people).

His theology has become controversial in recent years amongst some Evangelical Christians. Oasis is an inclusive church and Steve’s published understanding of atonement annoyed some, but N.T. Wright said it was perfectly OK.

Steve gets up really early in the morning and bounces around all day from what I can gather. I am extremely grateful that he made the time to see me, so a big thank you to him and his team who squeezed me in to his schedule.

I was also very pleased to find out when I was there that they collaborate with Jamie’s Farm (the nearest farm to my house) on their local city farm project.





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