Cup 59 with Rosie Arnott

This interview was recorded with two (quite clingy because Mummy had been at work all weekend)  children under five in the room. In the circumstances I am moderately happy with the edit. They are not so good at being quiet, but that’s OK, they are little children.

Who is Rosie Arnott?

Rosie was one of the members of our church youth group 20 years ago, she went to University in Durham and studied a BSc there (and met her husband) then went on to do postgraduate medicine. She is married with two little children and is a Geriatrician at a big hospital. She plays the cello, the cello’s name is Othello. He once flew with his own seat and boarding pass on a flight.

Rosie’s family go to church and very much see that as part of their Christian identity.

Quite how we managed to wrangle the children out of the selfie I am not sure.





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