Cup 100 with Phill Harrison

Who is Phill Harrison?

I was trying to find a quick internet resume of Phill and failed…so here goes. Phill used to be a geologist, then did a PhD in Environmental Sciences then worked in IT for a large bank, becoming a senior IT manager before being ordained in 2015 and moving to Neston to work in the Greater Corsham Team Ministry as curate. Part of his curacy was designed to be working with the team at HEART 4 Rudloe, which he has done since then.

Phill is married and has two children who are secondary school age, he has a background both in Roman Catholicism and Evangelical Charismatic Anglicanism. He also always likes to have the right tool for a job and has learnt a lot about mess in messy church type settings over the past three years.

He has just been licensed as the vicar of Wroughton with Wichelstowe near Swindon.


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