Cup 2 with Robin Ince

Who is Robin Ince?

Robin is a broadcaster, stand up comedian and co host of  Radio 4’s’The Infinite Monkey Cage’ with Professor Brian Cox.

Robin also loves books, and lots of other things and you can find out all about him on

You could look up his Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast interview if you want to find out why he needed a lift from Chippenham Station to Corsham.

I interviewed Robin on 16th March 2018 at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham before his show. I did go along to his show later on that evening.

He famously poses with Professor Brian Cox and a puppet for the publicity shot for ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’ so I called in the services of ‘Abendigo’ my puppet to help in our photograph.

Picture with puppet

I am not sure how many cups of tea I have drunk at The Pound Arts Centre over the past ten years, (mainly waiting for my children whilst they were in dance lessons). The total probably runs into four figures… but this day I got a lovely teapot and a tray as a special treat.

Picture of tea

Many thanks to Martin, from the Pound Arts Centre, for encouraging me that Robin is lovely and I should contact him, which obviously I did.

To listen to the podcast click below





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