Cup 3 with Pete Mountstpehen

Who is Pete Mountstephen?

Pete used to live in Box. He was a primary headteacher for 17 years (at least), he was chair of the National Association of Primary Headteachers for a while (including 2014). He was also CEO of the Bath And Wells Multi Academy Trust for a while, until he decided retirement to rural Somerset was the next thing on his list.

Janet and Pete Mountstephen for audio boom

He also loves playing the guitar and going to Book of Common Prayer 8am services.

Pete had done his honework (of course) so I was able to take a picture of all his favourite things beginning with T.

Pete Mounstephen's things begining with T

There was tea in a mug featuring an image from children’s literature.

Cheshire cat cup of tea

And of course if you visit an expert in primary education it is compulsory to take your puppet.

With abendigo and Pete Mountstephen

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the link below.



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