Cup 4 with Justin Brierley

Justin Brierley twitterpicture

Who is Justin Brierley?

Justin is the person whom I interviewed and didn’t get a photo with, this is his twitter picture, I  am sure he won’t mind me using it.

His twitter bio says he is Theology and Apologetics Editor for Premier and presenter of the Unbelievable? radio show/podcast on @premierradio.

You can buy his book at

You can find some more about him on

I also discovered before the interview that he isn’t related to Canon Michael Brierley, Precentor of Worcester Cathedral, who I knew when we were both in our teens, then I forgot to ask him about people we both know…

Thank you Justin for agreeing to speak to me and you can listen to the podcast by clicking the link below…the rumbling in the first minute was a housekeeping trolley outside…the troublesome editing in the first couple of minutes all my own inexperience at introduction…


I interviewed Justin whilst we were at Spring Harvest in Minehead so  here are some atmospheric Minehead photos…


and a seagull…



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