Cup 10 with Juliette Bevis

Who is Juliette Bevis?

We have a kind of temporary photo for Juliette, this will be amended later in the week.

Recorder and tea at Juliette's

I asked Juliette to write a little bit about herself and this is what she said.

I have been running an online chocolate brownie business, Homemade and Moreish, selling mail order chocolate brownies nationwide for just under a year but have been cooking for local markets and village shops for the past 3 years. Before that I was a childminder for eight and a half years, caring for over 50 children during that time. Previous to that I worked for 11 years in the theatre industry, as a stage manager, in producing, as an agent, and in marketing.

I grew up in the New Forest, moved to London to study, lived there for sixteen years and then moved to Somerset in 2009.

And because there is a God element to this cuppa here is a little about my relationship with the Church.

I was Christened in the Church of England and attended church regularly until aged 6, then moved to the forest and climbing trees had more appeal. Spent my teenage years regularly attending a Methodist Church as my best friend’s father was a Methodist Minister. Spent one year as a student living with her in The Manse. Studied at a Catholic University, worked for an Asian theatre company with Hindus and Muslims. Married a Baptist in my childhood CofE church, had my children dedicated in my husband’s family Baptist Church which we attended monthly for several years. Not currently a regular church goer as I don’t find our Parish Church very inspiring, but do attend when there are special events.



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