Cup 11 with Ben Prater

Who is Ben Prater?

Ben Prater is a Bristolian who has moved to leafy Wiltshire where he lives with his wife and three children.

He gets up early each morning to present the BBC Wiltshire Breakfast show and I go in once every six to eight weeks to do the paper review for his show.

He has a dog called Humbug, and last children in need week rode a multi person bicycle around Swindon.

Janet and Ben cropped 1st March 2018

This is myself and Ben on 1st March 2018, it looks like we have squashed ourselves into a photo booth. We are both old enough to remember the days when you did that sort of thing.

This is myself and Ben in the studio on 20th January 2017, when I had chosen to go and do the paper review because I needed to meet a plumber and the timing worked out well, then I realised it was the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump as president.

Ben and Janet in studio 20th Jan 2017

They have also revamped the studio since then…


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