Cup 12 with Elizabeth Harper

if you are distracted by some sound quality issues, it’s because I should have been more ‘techy’ with the microphone placement…sorry but even so it’s good stuff…

Who is Elizabeth Harper?

Elizabeth was my tutor and director of studies when I was at WEMTC to train to be a vicar.

Elizabeth has recently joined the Diocese of Bath and Wells as the new lay ministries enabler. Elizabeth loves the Old Testament and one day soon will finish her PhD on the story of Noah.

It was a strange afternoon for me because we met in the Old Deanery in Wells, and I used to go there a lot 2004-2007, for all my Post Ordination training. But everybody who was there then has now moved on, and Elizabeth was there instead. Wesley College in Bristol, where the weekday element of our training was based, has now closed.

Elizabeth Harper at Bishop's Palace

This is Elizabeth and myself in the grounds of the Bishop’s Palace Wells.






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