Cup 21 with Stephen Turner

Who is Stephen Turner?

According to Stephen’s twitter profile he is ‘Software engineer/manager; author of analog, co-founder of ClickTracks, now at Citrix XenServer. Tweeting about geocaching, cycling, coding/tech…’

Since he hardly uses Twitter any more I can reveal he now works for Docker. And I can’t believe we didn’t talk about geocaching in the interview…

Stephen and I met in Cambridge in the summer of 1989, and managed a long distance relationship until the following summer when it all fell apart whilst we were inter-railing. He has a PhD in Mathematics, which I like to think of as ridiculously short (under 100 pages) but in truth is probably ‘elegant’ in physics/maths speak.

Then he has been working in Maths and Computing, he is married to Angelina and they have two children, a boy and a girl.

Stephen is one of the brave ones who was prepared to talk to me on record even though he is clearly one of the ‘evangelical church leavers’ which I have been talking to people about.  Stephen likes selfies to be straight so we aren’t very close together.

Stephen Turner and Janet

There was gluten free brownie… it was delicious…

Cake and tea

I currently can’t put my hand on a photo of myself and Stephen together from 1989 (you remember film cameras and all that stuff), so this is him in Ware in the summer of 1989 having cycled from Cambridge…

Stephen Turner aged 19 in Ware


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