Cup 20 with Richard Clutterbuck

Who is Richard Clutterbuck?

Revd Dr Richard Clutterbuck was principal of the West of England Ministerial Training Course whilst I was training. After WEMTC he became principal of Edgehill Theological College in Belfast for 13 years, training Methodist ministers for the whole of Ireland. Richard is a Methodist presbyter and before WEMTC he had  13 years of pastoral ministry in North London and experience teaching at a theological college in Tonga.

Richard is married to Diane who is also a Methodist minister, they have two grown up daughters. Richard retired from Edgehill last year, and he and Diane are sharing a director of studies role at Wesley House, Cambridge.

Richard is a specialist in doctrine, and is the author of Handing on Christ: Rediscovering the Gift of Christian Doctrine (Epworth, 2008).

I think Richard and I will have to save the post-modernity late-modernity debate until another day.

Richard Clutterbuck and Janet

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