Cup 19 with Nick Moir


Who is Nick Moir?

Revd Canon Nick Moir is currently vicar of St Andrew’s Chesterton. In the late 1980s he was involved with, and then ran the CYFA houseparties which I went along to with some of my friends. These were crucially formative in my faith development (although I might not then have used those words to describe what was happening ). He is also currently Ministry Training Officer for the Diocese of Ely.

Many thanks to Rev Kathryn Waite for taking the photo of myself and Nick now.

Nick Moir and Janet

I also found a picture of Nick from long ago.

Nick Moir popping up behind a desk

I can no longer remember why he was popping up to surprise people from behind a desk? I may yet find some more photos.

Nick and I discuss briefly the process of the ordination of women in the Church of England. Here is a summary timeline pertinent to the discussion.

1985 – Vote in general synod to allow women to become deacons.

1987 – First female deacons ordained.

1994  – First women ordained priests.

2012 – Legislation to allow women to be bishops is rejected by general synod. (This was the point at which I was having doubts about whether it was a good example to my daughters for me to be part of the Church of England).

2014 – General synod votes for the introduction of women bishops.

Much more detail can be found in this excellent report.


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