Cup 23 with Jeremy Vine


Who is Jeremy Vine?


OK, Jeremy Vine is a journalist, writer, TV and radio broadcaster, who hosts a particularly popular radio show, has worked alongside Jeremy Paxman, presented panorama and taken to the dance floor in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. According to Wikipedia he is 52, has been married to Rachel since 2002 and has 2 daughters.

This is the link to his agent’s blurb on his website.



Jeremy Vine

His agents didn’t reply to my emails about a pre-dinner interview on 11th May so I went up to him after dinner and said, ‘You’re a very hard man to get in touch with, even e-mailing your agents doesn’t work’. He very graciously then said, let’s record it now, so we did. I don’t usually pack an audio recorder and mics in my evening bag, but this time I had.

Thank you so much Jeremy.



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