Cup 24 with James Counter


Who is James Counter?

James Counter is a student at the University of Reading nearing the end of his first year studying undergraduate chemistry (which has a disappointing lack of explosions, but that’s probably why he’s still here). James has a background in scouting at home in Croydon, probably nurturing his emerging interest in mountaineering, and will very happily spend an evening clinging on to the climbing wall by his fingertips many meters above the ground. James is also a member of the Reading University Christian Union (RUCU), and co-leads one of their small groups – WIDGES – which, at the time of recording, was producing a CD for fundraising. Whilst in Reading James attends St Laurence church in the centre of Reading. The church has a mandate to nurture a multi-generational community, with a particular focus on youth. Outside of term time James attends Purley Baptist Church. James also has an interest in motor-sports (which probably boarders on the obsessive), with a particular love of sports cars, but, if it has wheels, he’ll happily watch it.


Special Chemistry mug


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