Cup 27 with Kathy in Sussex




Who is Kathy?


When I went to see Kathy I hadn’t seen her for ages. She has a plethora of daughters but when I arrived there were also extra foster children as well, which was a delight.

She is has a first degree in Archaeology and a Masters in Conservation.

She has been involved in Girlguiding all her life and now is hugely experienced.

The ‘basket’ we talk about is part of a Ceilidh dance, I think it would have been part of a Cumberland Square Eight.

You can see an example of this here. I agree Ceilidh Bandidos, this is a very impressive basket, but Ian and Tim are both over six feet and Kathy and are both about five feet, we were young and light then, so this is almost exactly what I remember us doing, if not even higher due to the height and weight differences…


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