Cup 33 with Peter Ruffles


Who is Peter Ruffles?


We met at the White Horse in Hertingfordbury, which was a terrible place to do an audio recording, I’ve done what I could in the time with the audio…

The twitter profile of Cllr Peter Ruffles MBE simply says this ‘Local Councillor. Old boy about Hertford Town’.

The year he was timetabled to teach me English was the first year he was mayor of Hertford.

This unfortunately meant that we didn’t get so many English lessons with him as would have been good for us.

However he did encourage us to go walking in the Hertfordshire countryside, and undertake the Christian Aid Walk, and go on the pilgrimage from Hertford to St Albans Cathedral on Easter Monday, all of which were important for me as I was growing up

He has been town councillor for Bengeo Ward for more than 42 years. He taught at Broxbourne school from 1963-2000.

This is what Yorkshire tea says about it not being fair trade.


You can find talisman roses here…

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