Cup 42 with Vanessa Cole

If you can’t see the picture with the podcast there is a link, I think clicking on the link will work. I think someone somewhere (not me) is having a Sunday morning glitch…


Who is Vanessa Cole?

Vanessa has a special vicar facebook page  @The wallopingvicar and this is her description on it.

‘The walloping Vicar was appointed Team Vicar within the Portway and Danebury Team in 2009, with pastoral responsibility for Over Wallop and Nether Wallop. Working together with the Team Rector she also has the care of Amport, Monxton, Grateley and Quarley. She has also served as an officiating chaplain to the Military at Middle Wallop.’

You can read Vanessa’s blog at

Because it was Sunday night, and we were both tired we forgot to take a selfie, so Vanessa said, use a photo from when we were in Jordan. There were less of those than I had remembered, but this is Vanessa looking in to the Jordan at the site where tradition says John the Baptist baptised Jesus.

Vanessa at Jordan cropped



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