Cup 43 with Lord John Selborne



Who is Lord Selborne?

The Earl of Selborne GBE FRS DL, John Selborne

Describes himself as a farmer, and in particular the Blackmoor estates have been specialising in apples and pears since the 1920s.

He has been amongst other things, chairman of the Agricultural and food research council, of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and of the trustees of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew.He has been president of Royal Agricultural Society of England.

The name of the street in Wells which we are trying to remember is the ‘Vicar’s Close’ and is the oldest residential street in Europe still in its original form. Built in 1348 just about the time of the Black Death.

You can read about Lord Selborne’s walk to the cathedrals in this independent article.

This was recorded on a lovely sunny but noisy day on the terrace of the House of Lords.

If you would like to play audio bingo in the background listen out for fixed wing aircraft, noisy teaspoon, general chatter, helicopter, sirens, bagpipes, pile driving… the joys of recording outside in central London.

I had some lovely orange, hazelnut and polenta cake with my tea, which was lovely.



IMG_3243Fixed wing Aircraft

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