Cup 49 with Shady’s Mummy


Who is Shady’s Mummy?


I first met Shady’s mummy when we were at secondary school together in the same class. She needs to be anonymous because she works as a psychologist within the criminal justice system, this is a remarkably important and difficult job, for which she and others in these roles do not receive enough credit.

She has three children who are a little bit younger than mine, and has the most remarkable ability to make flapjack, which even when I use her recipe I can’t somehow repeat.

When we were younger we used to spend time together at school and sometimes out of school, she was allowed to do Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (I wasn’t allowed, I had to concentrate on my studies), and has recently become a Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme assessor.

We kind of lost touch a bit in our 30s as children and work became all consuming for both of us, but when we reached our 40th birthdays we all managed just about to be able to meet up again and remembered why we were friends in the first place.



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