Cup 50 with Shady’s Granny


Who is Shady’s Granny?

Shady’s Granny is Shady’s Mummy’s mother (as one might expect).

She has asked to remain anonymous because she has had a very long term role in the criminal justice system, and anonymity seems to best option.

Shady and Janet waiting on the sofa

She brought sophistication into my life when we had lasagne for dinner at her house, and the chocolate pudding was also very important. If I can find a gluten free substitute for the the sponge fingers I should make ‘chocolate pudding soon, it’s a very lovely chocolate mousse. When I got married nearly 24 years ago my wedding gift from Shady’s granny was a dish the right size to make chocolate pudding and the recipe on a card inside it. I do not make it enough.

I was always grateful for this family being so welcoming to the odd little girl from the same class as their daughter, and also for the little cakes that would be shared if I went back to their house on a lunchtime during the 1980s teachers strike where we weren’t allowed to stay in school if we lived within a certain distance of school and I would sometimes go back to their house.

Having shared all these delicious memories, the quite serious podcast spends some time exploring the ideas of punishment and rehabilitation within our society and what it means to have a moral framework.


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